You've Found it - Pittsburgh's Only HiFi Boutique!  

If you're anywhere in the Pittsburgh area, make your way to 21 Brilliant Ave. in Aspinwall to drop in and "hear us."  Want to sip some coffee while relaxing with your iPod in one of our comfy chairs, test driving an alluring pair of phonemenally sounding headphones?  We welcome your visit.  Want to spend your lunch break browsing through our cool selection of vinyl LPs for sale?  We encourage you to check us out.  Want to chat endlessly with our knowledgable staff about music or HiFi audio?  Oh, we could do that for hours!

The Sound Choice in Both Analog and Digital Audio 

Music To My Ear is the absolute aural pinnacle in sound and convenience...that blissful destination where hi-fidelity audio meets both computer technology and analog warmth, offering you the utmost listening experience.  Around our Music To My Ear showrooms, we relish helping others in their pursuit of the "highest fidelity" in analog and digital audio.  How do we pull it off?  Simply put, we bring together the most innovative audio products and the smartest expertise to help you find the paramount performance related to your music listening enjoyment.

If it Makes Beautiful Music, We Have It 

Music To My Ear features product lines from Beats by Dr. Dre, Audeze, German Maestro, Grado, beyerdynamic, Sonos, Sennheiser, Simaudio, GoldenEar Technology, Peachtree Audio, Rega, Music Hall, Spin-Clean, BDI, van den Hul, and others, offering you the finest array of headphones, integrated amplifiers, speakers, CD players, turntables, cartridges, phono pre-amps, cables, audiophile vinyl, vinyl record care products, home theatre furniture, and more -- all under one roof.  Through our unique insight into the smartest custom installations, distributed audio for multi-room music, control via iDevices, theatre flat panel screens, and the warmest, quietest analog vinyl, Music To My Ear will place you in the center of your multimedia universe, while allowing you full control from the palm of your hand.


  • product01

    Spin-Clean® Record Washer Complete System MKII

  • product02

    beyerdynamic DT 990 Headhphones

  • product03

    Grado iGi Headphones

  • product04

    Grado Gold1 Phono Cartridge

  • product05

    Music Hall MMF-2.2 LE

  • product06

    van den Hul - Optocoupler MKII

  • product06

    Spin-Clean Record Rack

  • product06

    beyerdynamic A1 Headphone Amplifier

  • product06

    Yellow Jacket Sleeve

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