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Experience the Sound

When it comes to home audio, we realize you can’t just order something online and “hope” that it delivers the sound and performance you were expecting. That’s why we have dozens of speakers, amplifiers,turntables, and accessories in-store and on-display.   Try them out, ask questions, and get assistance from our audio specialists, who have decades of experience and can help you put together a system you can enjoy for many years.

Assembled And Calibrated Turntables

Our audio specialists at Music To My Ear and Northern Audio make turntable shopping a breeze.  After we select the best solution for your needs, we will build and set up your turntable so that after you take it home, it is ready to play.  Stop in and choose from Pittsburgh’s largest selection of turntables, such as: Music Hall, Rega, Mobile Fidelity, Dr. Feikert, Cambridge Audio, Luxman, Technics, Marantz and more.

Installed Phono Cartridges

Our Phono cartridges are one of the most important parts of high-performance vinyl playback.  Our audio specialists can “step up” your vinyl performance by installing a new cartridge from leading manufacturers such as:  Ortofon, Hana, Grado, Luxman, and Phasemation.

High-Performance Audio

Music To My Ear & Northern Audio also feature hand-selected turntables, phono sections, amplifiers, DACs, and music streamers from today’s most respected manufacturers, such as:  Cambridge Audio, Hegel, Rogue Audio, Lab 12, MoFi Electronics, Music Hall, Rega, Parasound, and many more.

High-Performance Speakers

There is no place in or around Pittsburgh where you can listen to as many speakers from as many different high-performance brands as you can at Music To My Ear and Northern Audio.  From bookshelf speakers to premium floorstanding speakers, we have you covered with brands such as:  GoldenEar Technology, KLH, Cambridge Audio, Klipsch, Rosso Florentino, Fleetwood Sound, and Harbeth. 


Give us a call at (412) 223-9747.

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