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Upgraded Magnum Version Of The Critically Acclaimed Ares

The Rogue Audio Ares Magnum was a serious upgrade of the original Ares. Now comes the Ares II Magnum, offering no-compromise ultra-high performance in a low noise vacuum tube phono preamplifier.

Vinyl lovers are passionate and driven to get the absolute best sound from their system. As good as the Ares is, Rogue Audio regularly received requests for modifications to make it even better. The company listened and packaged these modifications together to make the Ares Magnum. The Magnum version added 10dB additional gain for very low output cartridges, improves inner detail, and improves accuracy.

The Ares Magnum upgrades further included improved Cinemag "blue label" step up transformers, high-end PRP resistors in critical spots of the signal path, premium Mundorf Supreme inter-stage coupling caps, no-compromise Cardas internal wiring, and upgraded Cardas RCA jacks.

Ares II Magnum Upgrades

All of the Magnum upgrades are included in the new Ares II Magnum, along with further upgrades for another leap forward in performance. The Ares II Magnum features a redesigned motherboard with a lower noise floor plus a stereo/mono switch, which was not on the original Ares or Ares Magnum. If you thought the Ares sounded fantastic and were blown away by the Ares Magnum, wait until you hear the new "II" version.

Pure Tube Circuit Topology

The Ares II Magnum boasts pure tube circuit topology for pleasing, luxurious 'Golden Age' hi-fi sound. The tube complement consists of two 12AX7 tubes and two 12AU7 tubes. An arched metal 'cage' protects the tubes. The tube circuitry is quite flexible and can accommodate several different tube types. If you find that you would like a bit more gain, you can replace the two 12AU7 tubes with 12AT7 or 12AX7 tubes. This may be particularly useful in the case of low output Moving Magnet cartridges.

"More Air, More Detail, More Presence, More Weight"

"The Ares brought out more of everything in the music – more air, more detail, more presence, more weight, yet it never sounded boomy," reports "The Ares is not for the casual analog kid
but if you're looking for a phono preamplifier that can bring out the best in your current system with the flexibility to grow and change with your needs, the Ares is easy to recommend. It's built to last in many more ways than one."

"I can’t think of a better phono stage at this price. I’’ve already said the Ares is a stunner and I stand by that statement," notes Scott Hull in his review of the Ares for Part-Time Audiophile. "This is a product (or more specifically, a version of a product) that is at least aspirational for most real-world audiophiles, and once attained, will happily anchor a vinyl system that will not only please but shock."

"It is wonderfully, delightfully and often enchantingly good. You would not be compromising with the Ares," raves "Instead of grudgingly mumbling, I could do worse, you will confidently proclaim, It doesn't get much better!."

Cartridge Compatibility

Built like a tank with a solid and immediately striking appearance, the Ares II Magnum is highly adaptable when it comes to accommodating your cartridge. Compatible with almost all low, medium, and high output moving coil (MC) cartridges plus moving magnet (MM) cartridges, it has internal settings for the most popular loading options.

Three different gain levels and five different resistive cartridge loads that are available. There is also 150pF that can be added for certain cartridge types that require this. The Ares offers 150 Picofared or 0 capacitance loading along with three gain settings of 40dB, 55dB, and 64dB. And the Magnum version adds 10dB additional gain for very low output cartridges compared to the standard Ares.

Massive Outboard Power Supply

For ultra-quiet performance, the Ares II Magnum has a massive, fully regulated outboard power supply to keep RFI and EMI noise away from the delicate phono stage electronics and out of the signal chain. The power supply uses a toroidal transformer plus premium custom-made "blue label" Cinemag step-up transformers for 10dB additional gain.

It's no surprise that premium, precision components aren't limited to the power supply. Only the highest quality parts are used throughout the build, including PRP resistors in critical spots of the signal path and Mundorf Supreme inter-stage coupling caps, and these components are meticulously hand-wired to heavy, two-ounce copper circuit boards using premium Cardas internal wiring.

Timer Delayed Start For Minimum Turn-On Noise

Once the Ares II Magnum has been installed in your system and set up according to your cartridge requirements, it is ready to be turned on. The Ares has a timer circuit built into it to minimize turn on thumps and noises. Nonetheless, the Ares should always be turned on before the preamplifier and turned off after the preamplifier has been turned off. The on/off power switch is located on the left rear of the unit. After powering on the Ares, the timer circuit will delay any output for approximately 30 seconds while the tubes warm up and the circuit stabilizes.

Designed And Hand Built In The USA

The Ares is entirely designed and hand built in the USA. Each unit is individually fully tested, burned-in, and auditioned, assuring you of great sound right out of the box. It comes with a three-year manufacturer's limited warranty from Rogue Audio (six months on the tubes). A high quality detachable IEC AC power cord is included.

General Features:

  • Compatible
    with almost all low, medium and high output moving coil (mc) and Moving
    magnet (mm) cartridges.
  • Pure
    tube circuit topology
  • Precise
    RIAA equalization
  • Custom
    Cinemag step-up transformers
  • Massive
    fully regulated outboard power supply
  • Toroidal
  • Internal
    settings with most popular loading options
  • Internal
    setting for 150 Picofared or 0 capacitance loading
  • Three
    gain settings: 40dB, 55dB, 64dB
  • Timer
    delayed start for minimum turn-on noise
  • Subsonic
  • Ultra
    heavy-duty gold RCA inputs
  • Precision
    components throughout
  • Machined
    aluminum faceplate
  • Heavy
    (2 ounce) copper circuit boards
  • Teflon/silver
    plated hook-up wire
  • Detachable
    IEC power cord
  • 17″
    W x 9″ D x 5.5″ H
  • Entirely designed and built in the USA
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