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Easy to Use Turntable Vinyl Record Player System

Everything you need to get spinning vinyl records quickly, enjoying your music in no time at all!

SpinDeck 2 Semi-Automatic vinyl record player and the SpinBase amplified speaker, specifically designed for use directly under a turntable, enables clear and loud playback of records with bass and NO acoustic feedback! Simple connection, elegant style, high performance music playback.

Semi-Automatic turntable - Tonearm lifts and returns at the end of the record for Auto-Off function!

Proven cartridge - Light-tracking AT3600 magnetic cartridge comes pre-installed to begin enjoying your vinyl quickly and easily!

Dual Speed - Switch Selectable 45/33 RPM playback to support the most common vinyl record formats!

Versatile - SpinBase includes Phono Input, Line (Aux) Input, and Bluetooth receiver built in. SpinDuo can playback everything from Vinyl to digital music from your smartphone!

High Performance Playback - IsoGroove™ Technology, Class D amplifier and 270° loudspeaker array combine to deliver soul-satisfying, room-filling music reproduction.

More about SpinDeck 2

Restricting resonance

Because a phono cartridge is designed to respond to vibrations, the turntable must protect the music from any kind of vibration or resonance, whether internal or external. For this compelling reason, the SpinDeck 2 turntable fights resonance across the board. Shelf-borne vibration is suppressed by sturdy rubber isolator feet. The motor minimizes vibration, while the platter is further protected by the drive belt. A special high density rubber damping mat is affixed to the bottom of the platter, and a soft silicone rubber slip mat supports your record while damping any remaining vibrations. And of course, the supplied dust cover helps block airborne vibration. The result is wonderfully clear music reproduction, even in quiet passages.

Up to speed

Because the speed of platter rotation translates directly to Musical pitch, wavering speed degrades the music. That’s why the DC motor is meticulously stabilized. And the diecast, machined aluminum platter acts as a flywheel, for an added degree of tonal clarity.

Automatic shutoff

For your convenience, at the end of a side, the tonearm automatically lifts and returns to its rest and the platter stops. The automatic mechanism is engineered with acetal resin – a clever material that self-lubricates for exceptionally long operating life.

High-precision tonearm with pre-mounted cartridge

To effortlessly track the record, the aluminum tonearm uses exceptionally precise metal bearings, low mass, an adjustable counterweight and integrated headshell. The pre-mounted AT 3600 phono cartridge from Audio Technica helps bring out the inner beauty of your albums. And even if you’re new to turntables, setup is a snap. Don’t believe it? Check out this video.

More about SpinBase

Class D power amplifier & 270° loudspeaker array

Most power amplifiers generate heat along with the wattage. So it’s difficult to fit a powerful amp and a capable stereo loudspeaker into a single, compact enclosure. The solution? Our Class D amplifier is cool and compact, yet delivers prodigious sound.

Getting legitimate stereo from a single, compact cabinet is a challenge. The SpinBase system rises to the challenge with a pair of dome tweeters and a pair of cone woofers, carefully arranged in a 270° array. You’ll appreciate the results every time you listen.

Sleek and refined

The system gives you everything you need to enjoy vinyl and streaming music in a timeless, low-profile design. Highlights include a durable perforated metal grill; textured top surface; and large, elegant volume control.

All the right connections

The system accommodates the widest range of turntables, including those with magnetic or ceramic cartridges and turntables with or without built-in preamps. And we apply the correct equalization to get the best sound, even from inexpensive ceramic cartridges. In addition, the SpinBase system provides quick and easy connections for Bluetooth streaming devices, a CD player and a subwoofer.

Make it a system

By themselves, your turntable and the SpinBase system deliver sound from your LPs as it was meant to be. But when you’re ready to take the next step, so are we. To raise your system to optimum listening height and add LP storage, choose our matching SpinStand rack. And for splendid reproduction of the lowest musical octaves, our SpinSub subwoofer is ideal.

Conquering compromise: Feedback, defeated

Audiophiles know that most all-in-one products are fraught with compromises. And placing a turntable on top of a conventional loudspeaker is a definite no-no. That’s why Andover Audio applies a trio of advanced technologies to overcome these issues. Our IsoGroove Technology, Class D amplifier and 270° loudspeaker array combine to deliver soul-satisfying, room-filling music reproduction.

Loudspeakers work by producing vibration. The business end of a turntable works by detecting vibration. So under normal circumstances, placing your turntable directly on top of a loudspeaker is a recipe for a miserable distortion called “acoustic feedback.” Andover’s patent-pending IsoGroove Technology protects your turntable from vibration – and protects your music from feedback. Independent audio critics who rarely agree on anything have declared the technology “lived up to its billing” and “works as advertised” and called it “so amazing” and “genius.”

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