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Muscular musicality

Feel an R&B bass line. Savor the lowest notes of pipe organs and orchestral double basses. Enjoy all your music with a new level of pleasure. Our award-winning SpinSub™ subwoofer applies advanced technology to deliver the joys of the deepest octaves of bass.

Refinements like a Class D amplifier, a matched pair of 6-1/2-inch drive units, and patent-pending IsoGroove® technology work together to bring new excitement to your SpinBase™ or SpinBase MAX system.

SpinSub easily connects to SpinBase via its subwoofer output. “The way it integrates into the stand without making the records skip is genius.” -Paul Cash, Hi-Fi Trends

SpinSub also incorporates adjustable frequency and level controls to compensate for room acoustics and placement, or to match to other audio systems.

SpinSub is wrapped with premium, heathered black or white fabric that perfectly complements SpinBase and the SpinStand record stand – where it's designed to perfectly fit.

The subtle elegance of the Spin product system looks great in any room, with sound to match.

Made for music

If you associate subwoofers with the rumble of exploding starships, you are not alone. So many subwoofers are intended for home theater. The SpinSub subwoofer is expressly designed for music. You experience fast, accurate musical transients along with deep, clear, unexaggerated bass.

Tech Hive Editor’s Choice Award (2021)

“…the perfect low-frequency companion to the company’s SpinBase turntable speaker, pumping the bass from a remarkably vibration-free enclosure. (4.5/5)”

- Theo Nicolakis, Tech Hive

Setup simplicity

Even if you’ve never connected a subwoofer before, setup is a breeze. Just plug in. And play. When you switch on your SpinBase system, the subwoofer automatically powers up from standby.

Feedback, defeated

Subwoofers work by producing vibration. The business end of a turntable works by detecting vibration. So under normal circumstances, placing your turntable system in the same stand as a subwoofer is a recipe for a miserable distortion called “acoustic feedback.” Andover’s patent-pending IsoGroove® technology protects your turntable from vibration – and protects your music from feedback. Independent audio critics who rarely agree on anything have declared the technology “lived up to its billing” and “works as advertised” and called it “so amazing” and “genius.”

Class D amplifier

Most power amplifiers generate substantial heat along with the wattage. So it’s difficult to fit a powerful amplifier into a compact subwoofer. But that’s what we accomplished. Our Class D amplifier is remarkably cool and compact while delivering ample power.

A beautiful match for the SpinBase and SpinBase MAX systems

The subwoofer is designed to sit by itself. Or you can slide the subwoofer directly into the bottom shelf of the matching SpinStand™ rack to create a simple, immensely satisfying, integrated system.

  • Dual 6.5-inch Woofers with Vented Enclosure
  • 100W (Peak) Class D Amplifier
  • 50-180Hz Adjustable Low-Pass Filter
  • Adjustable Level Control
  • Auto Signal Sensing Actuation
  • 32Hz – 180Hz Frequency Response
  • Features a Premium Fabric Covered Body
  • Dimensions: 14.25" x 11.25" x 12.75"
  • Unit Weight: 21 lbs
  • Available in Black or White

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